Why Bipolarization?

By definition, “Bipolarization” describes something that is either characterized by having two extremes, or it is something that is found at two different extremes. Living with Bipolar Disorder means living with more than just the symptoms. It is existing in two extremes on a day to day basis; from the way in which society portrays us and the medical community treats us, to the ways in which people respond to us and the ways in which we view ourselves.Having Bipolar Disorder means having a medical professional tell you that you’re stable but in the next breath telling you that your disorder should prevent you from traveling. It is being told that you have the capacity for higher education, while also advising you that the pressure will be too much. It means having people in your life who promise to support you, while witnessing them incorrectly blame your disorder for instances of mass violence. All the while, still cycling through the moods that bring you from high to low- something I still experience when medicated.  

As an advocate, much of what I am seeking to do is shift the perception of the poles to bring them closer together. I want to demonstrate how someone can have a tough day, and still be able to appear normal. I want to show that though Bipolar Disorder is a major obstacle, it has also taught me how to be a more resilient and compassionate person.

“Bipolarization”  takes on an even deeper meaning for me as I am the type of person who recognizes that nearly anything is a political statement. Being openly Bipolar, and thriving in a climate that is unaccepting of those who deviate from the norm is inherently political.  It upsets the status quo for as to how we have been conditioned to discuss and perceive mental illness. Prior to starting this blog, I had been advised by countless mentors, family members, and physicians to keep my diagnosis a secret. They were concerned about the potential pushback I would receive from friends, employers, and internet strangers. I think that only propelled me to launch it.


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